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Junk Silver Kennedy Halves 90% Silver

Kennedy Halves 90% Silver

The Historical Kennedy Halves: 90 Percent Silver

The Kennedy Half Dollar is as historic a coin as any. The histories of the American coinage development tell a fascinating and bold story. We learn about the public, the tone of the times and the will of people who feel great emotion about the unfolding of our nation's history. Recording these momentous occasions is the purpose and historic responsibility of our US Treasury. They do this through commemoration on new coins.

Before 1964, our nation was still producing silver coins. As is common when the sentiment is focused, the public outcry for the commemoration of Kennedy following his assassination in November of 1963 was palpable and unanimous. He was beloved by many. It was Kennedy's eternally youthful face and the fact that this dynamic young president had only been able to serve us for a thousand days before his assassination that seemed to give more energy to the shock and sadness that sparked our nations unprecedented support for the commemoration of his presidency.

He inspired our nation with his request of us as a united body of American people; "Ask not what your country can do for you, rather, ask what can you do for your country?" The last silver coin to be produced by the US Mint, the Kenney Half Dollar, holds its value for all of these reasons.

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Kennedy Halves 90% Silver
Kennedy Halves 90% Silver
Kennedy Halves 90% Silver
Kennedy Halves 90% Silver

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