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About to Junk Silver

Silver is a great investment. And the best investment of silver is in the junk 90 coins. The silver bullion coins such as silver eagles run at a much higher premium over spot price. The junk coins are the lowest over spot price way to buy silver metal, have recognized value and purity, and if you get the dimes and quarters, they are not generally counterfeited. The Chinese are coining in mass quantity counterfeit silver Morgan dollars and fake silver peace dollars. These counterfeits are finding their way into the coin supply as authentic coins. Be cautious and aware of these fakes when buying from non-reputable sources. We maintain a collection of high quality fake coins to use for comparison and education. We do not sell counterfeit coins.

We offer junk silver coins in a variety of types. We sell them as pre 1964 Washington quarters, Roosevelt dimes, Mercury dimes, Kennedy half dollars, standing liberty half dollars, Franklin half dollars, peace dollars, and Morgan dollars. We are a reputable supplier and guarantee the authenticity of all coins we sell. With the daily fluctuations in base metal prices, our prices do change frequently. Please contact our sales team members for updated pricing.