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Junk Silver Kennedy Halves 40% Silver

Kennedy Halves 40% Silver

The History of Kennedy Halves - Forty Percent Silver

The Kennedy Half Dollars released in 1964 have one of the most unique histories of almost all the coins released from the US Treasury Mint Department. President John F. Kennedy was the very first "television" president. It was the first time in American history that the presidential family could be seen every night and this caused a major shift in emotional attachment to the man in office. This profound level of popularity had a long-lasting impact. This is also true for the Kennedy Half Dollar.

On its first minting run, in 1964, the Kennedy Halves were 90 percent junk silver. To the public, this seemed very fitting. There had never been a coin commemoration for an assassinated president, and the emotions of the American public and the response to public opinion reflected a major event unfolding. Even though 236 million of these silver coins were struck, lines formed at banks that were so long people stood for several hours and the lines themselves interrupted normal business. People were paying twice their metal value, and in England they paid up to five dollars for a single silver Kennedy Half. There was no reasonable explanation for the massive hoarding by the common public. Many more of the 90 percent silver coins were scheduled to be minted.

The public, however, was caught in an emotional response to having witnessed a traumatic event and everyone seemed to want a silver half with Kennedy's image, and this caused a coin shortage. Some tried to blame this event on coin collectors, however it was not able to be substantiated. Many felt the obtaining of the Kennedy Half Dollar coin represented the best way common Americans could find closure and comfort after the shocking tragedy the nation witnessed live, on television.

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Kennedy Halves 40% Silver
Kennedy Halves 40% Silver
Kennedy Halves 40% Silver
Kennedy Halves 40% Silver

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